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This website specializes in fetish phone sex. And when it comes to exploring fantasies or a more 'kinky" and unusual nature, phone sex fetish is particularly well suited to handle any type of fantasy our callers want to talk about.

Too many to list really, here are some of the most popular fetish phone sex topics our callers and ourselves have come to enjoy:

Adult Baby Phone Sex Fetish:

For the adult babies among you with a diaper lover fetish... You know who you are! ABDL phone sex is what our mommies know and do best.

Age Play:

One of those taboo subjects involving encounters that can only be talked about during a fetish phone sex role-play session. It comes in many forms, such as mommy son, daddy daughter, sex with the neighbor's daughter etc...

Sex with Mommy:

A variation of the age-play fantasy, and one of phone sex fetish most popular request from our callers. It's very popular and loved by many, including some of our phone sex mommies. Who doesn't want to received the tender loving care of a sexy mommy. Whether sensual in nature or of a more dominant nature, most of our callers want to fuck a mother figure in their imagination. Who are we to argue? Mommies love their little boys.

Baby Sitter:

Can be a mature baby sitter you have the hots for. A desire to experience what a MILF can offer to someone so young. Or a younger baby sitter, barely older than a teens, with the gorgeous body, perky tits and innocent smiles that melt you to the core.

Barely Legal Phone Sex:

Just had her 18th birthday and is eager to get out and have fun. Sweet, tender girl who needs someone like you to break her.


For those of you who enjoy their women with more of everything. Luscious curves, juicy booties and a bouncing appetite for sex of course. Are you man enough?

Big Black Cock:

I love me a big cock. Any color really, just give me a dick I can stretch my mouth around. Got one of those handsome? Gotta say a big black cock goes lovely inside my pretty pink pussy. Just satin...


Enormous boobs. The kinds that smother you completely.... Barely able to breath big... Put them together and let that big dick of yours slide right in. Yum


Or swinging both ways! Woman on woman, man on man... You decide lover.

Fetish Phone Sex on a budget

Knowledgeable phone sex fetish artists who will talk about any fetish you might have


Bondage / Castration / Bukakke / CBT / Chastity Training / Cheating Wife / Cross Dressing / Cuckold / Cum Cock Control / Cum Lover / Diaper Fetish


Ropes, harness, helplessness, you know the feeling don't you? What's you flavor then? You're the boss or the slave?


Ouch... Not for the faint of heart. Or you if you're a worthless piece of shit. Do you even deserve to have a dick? Let me be the judge of that!


Try saying that with a mouth full!

CBT or Cock, Balls Torture.

A favorite of mine. Bull clips, rubber bands, clothespins... Hit them, squeeze them... Hard. Cock and ball torture is in baby.

Chastity Training:

I know... You can't help being a slut. But there's order in my universe and I have no time for silly little whores.

Cheating Wife:

I actually had a call one day from a couple, one of the rare ones, so I remember it like it was yesterday. She was about to be fucked by her bull and ordered her cuckold husband to call and put the whole thing on speaker phone. I must admit it didn't take me long to cum that night!.


For the sissies among you! Yes, you! Like the feeling of silk, nylons and lipstick? Beware the consequences though. You might have to dress up all nice and pretty and service my bull for me. Imagine those pretty little red lips of yours wrapped around his big cock? I bet you do!


Goes nicely with the cheating wife fantasy. Can also be reversed with your wife being the one having to watch you "get along" with another woman! A popular fetish phone sex topic of conversation for a lot of you who fantasize about having to watch their wife being fucked by another man, right in front to them. Not typically a fetish phone sex topic for say, but it's so delicious I couldn't bear to leave it out.

Cum Cock Control:

Wait... Not quite now yet... Hold it... Oh the agony of having to wait. The hand or mouth that stops moving around your cock just as you're about to explode!

Cum Lover:

Some women can't get enough of it. Some men too! What will be for you then lover?

Diaper Fetish Phone Sex:

Some men just never grow up do they? Are you the little baby who needs diaper change? I bet you are baby.

Anything Goes! No Limits to Your Imagination

Get all the nasty fetish phone sex you want


Dildo / Strapon / Discipline / Dominatrix / Enema / Exhibitionish / Extreme Domination / Face Sitting / Facials / Feminization

Dildo / Strap-on:

Just delicious, what can I say. Dildo inside my pussy and my strapon up your man-pussy just sounds divine for me right now.


Now listen up! I don't have time for naughty boys and it seems I might just have to punish you. Discipline can be painful sometimes


Mommy controls you baby... Your world, your everything. She is very demanding but will reward you handsomely if you do exactly as she says.


You don't want a messy ass do you? We do it like your mommy used to do it, but deeper, better if you know what I mean. A must for strap-on sex!


All dressed up, out and about and ready to lay it all there, for all to see. Who doesn't like to look a gorgeous naked women? Or men for some of us.

Extreme Domination:

Slave in training beware. These femdom ladies are not playing around. Total submission is expected and will be obtained.

Face Sitting:

Lay there like a good boy won't you. Take a deep breath and let me sit on your face for some old good fashion smothering.


A nice hard cock, doesn't even have to be the biggest of them all, as long as your balls are full. Let me get down on it, up and down its length until it's starting to pulsate. And then let it go baby. All over my face. Unless that I have a big dick inside of me and you are just there to swallow it whole before he cums inside of me. Your choice. What will it be?


Goes nicely with the cross dressing lifestyle, because it takes time and training to be feminized and that's what some of our mistresses are good at. Turning you into a pretty slut, panties, bras lipstick and all. What will happen to your pretty ass when mommy's done dressing you up sweet slut? A nice long dick sliding in and out of your man-pussy perhaps?

Phone Sex Fetish and Sexual Fantasies!

Inner erotic desires explored and satisfied no matter "out there" these desire can be.


Fisting / Forced Bi / Foot Fetish / Gagging / Gang Bang / Girl Next Door / Giant / Golden Shower / Grandma / Hairy Pussy / Hand-jobs / Heels / Humiliation / Incest / Insertions


When you need something bigger than a strapon.

Forced Bi:

So common it cannot really be considered a fetish phone sex topic other than for some men, admiting to being turned on by other men is so taboo, it becomes worthy of a phone sex fetish. Is it a coincidence that feminization and forced bi start with the same letter? Funny how life goes isn't it. They all say they'd never suck another man's dick, let alone let one turn them into bitches. Until they try it of course. They may huff and puff to show in the beginning but when they get going, their inner sluts always come come forward.

Foot Fetish Phone Sex:

Love a pretty foot? Looking so beautiful in those sexy shoes, long heels and all? Waiting to be worshiped...


Only works if you have a big dick. I met a dude with a tiny dick one day and the only thing I gagged on when I try to put it in my mouth was laughter. So do tell me? Do you have enough for me to gag on?

Gang Bang Phone Sex Fetish:

When more is less. A good fuck between friends. Or even strangers really. Anything as long as there's fucking, a few hard cocks and some juicy pussies. My kind of party! Listed as a fetish phone sex fantasy because few are the lucky ones to experience it in real life. I personally love it. All this attention, especially when I'm the only woman in the company of horny and eager dudes. Add to that list of men, one of two big black cock and you've made a happy woman indeed.

Girl Next Door:

Do you have the hots for your neighbor's wife? You know, the sexy woman who you suspect is a slut at heart but don't really know for sure. Talk to me about her baby. Maybe I can convince her you're worth it.

Giant Phone Sex Fetish:

Love the idea of feeling tiny next to your woman? Imagine her, twice your size, bouncing you up and down on her shoulders, your little cock looking pathetic as you lay there, out of breath and ready to pass out!

Golden Shower:

The delightful golden nectar, warm and signifying the welcoming release of a bladder. Give or receive? Your choice. I prefer giving myself, as I kneel over the man's head and aim my flow towards his open and eager mouth.


Mature, older women know things only experience teaches. Secrets they are willing to give. Are you ready?

Hairy Pussy:

No need for shaving, lotions or Brazilian bikini cuts. Pussies as nature intended. Hairy... Furry.

Hand Jobs:

The oldest practices of them all, a pass-time so common you're probably doing it yourself, right now. Let spice this up a little won't we. A public setting perhaps, handjob through a car window, a passerby's big black dick out and waiting for your wife to workon? Or you perhaps? It is your phone sex fetish fantasy after all, isn't it?


Part of the foot phone sex fetish of course, the heel used as a tool perhaps? Or just for worshiping of course. Or having one step on your balls for good measure? I personally like the stepping on part myself!


Sensual humiliation like the gentle teasing of mommy, or the more hardcore, not so TLC admonition for the pathetic loser who's begging for a pity fuck. What?? With that dick of yours? You really think you have enough? You're lucky this is a phone sex fetish line!


Mommy fantasies, ABDL Phone Sex Fetish and other such fantasies all fall within the incest phone sex fetish category, which of course is very much frowned upon in modern society, if not downright illegal. That is except in incest phone sex of course since we're all about roleplay and consenting adults.


The human mind is such a fertile mind, and none is more so than sexuality. Insertions by needles and pins, catheters and medical devices are common. So are insertions by means of a more domestic nature, such as broomstick and cucumbers, anything that can be used to penetrate really. Penetrate what? You tell me!

Lactation Phone Sex Fetish:

Centered around mommy's boobs, you know, those gorgeous milk filled tities you want to suckle on! lactation fetishes are indeed tasty. What will it be baby?

Leather Fetish Phone Sex:

Ah the draw of leather. The unmistakable smell and feel of leather clothes, boots, toys. The sensual feel of it against your skin. The overwhelming power of those who wear it. Want some of that? Or do you have any to share?

Married Women:

An offshoot of the cheating wife fantasy, the allure of wanting the wife of another man. Or is it your wife who is the object of other men's fantasies? Does she crave some hard big black cock? For you perhaps?


The world wouldn't be the same without it. They'd be a lot of angry and frustrated people out there and I'd be without a job if it wasn't for fetish phone sex! We don't want that do we? Just don't it alone dude. I need some of what you're planning to handle.

Mean Girl:

The reverse coin of the slut. This one is nasty, loves to humiliate, even hurt you. She lives to make people around her want her, and then loves to just walk away, letting them deal with all that lust by themselves. It's just mean, and yes, we can be mean bitches, can't we? By then why would you do without us I ask you?

Mean Mother:

The mommy with a firm hand. Femdom (female Dominant Woman) love to give tough love. Her standards are so high that in order to tame you, she'll have to be mean. How mean? Well by turning you into a pathetic cuckold whilst she's being fucked by that dude with the huge dick, and not even let you have some of it later. Like ever. One of my most precious fetish phone sex topics.


Yummy. I love me some nasty, sexy MILF and heck, I am one of them myself. Parading in front of younger men, showing off. Just teasing them enough to make me want me more and then walk away. My younger lovers have to deserve me you know. Do you deserve me?

Phone Sex Fetish and Fantasies!

Phone sex with women who understand and love fetishes


Mother-Law / The Whore Next Door / Pain Mistress / Pain Slut / Panty Boys / Petite / Potty Play / Pregnant / Punishment / Pimping / Quickies / Rimming / Rolepay / Scat / Seductress / Sex Toys / Sexy Shemale / Small Penis Humiliation / Smoking Fetish

Mother In Law:

When you met your wife's mom for the first time, you thought wow, she's so much hotter than your wife. You've been wondering ever since what it would feel like to bend over and give what she needs. I bet you'd have a lot more fun then with your current beloved.

The whore next door:

You watch her pulling into her driveway and your dick twitches... You've heard rumours that she'll fuck anyone in the neighborhood with a big dick so obviously that takes you out of the picture! Or does it? call me and let's find out.

Pain Mistress:

Beware with this one, unless you like pain. And even if you don't think you do, wait until you meet her and no amount of crying or begging will make her stop. And you'll be amazed how much you actually enjoyed it... She loves to inflict pain, to humiliate, to ridicule and the more you think you want her to stop, the further she'll go.

Pain Slut:

She'll beg you for a firm hand, a hard pinch, a hard and long fuck. She'll even offer you her ass. Are you man enough to take it?

Panty Boys:

Oh but you know full well what that means, don't you? Sissies always do. Are you ready to fuss up to your little dirty secret? That you want your sweet little sissy man pussy properly fucked? You'd have to be all dressed up though, with your pretty little panties.


Pretty, petite, small enough that you can toss her around your shoulders, pick her up and let her impale herself on your hard dick, her tiny legs wrapped around your waist! Hmm... I'll have me some of that please.

Potty Play:

You've been a dirty little boy and you've made a right mess of things! Now you're looking for mommy to clean you up? Depends really... How naughty are you really? And do you want mommy to suck on your little dick as she wipes all your mess up?


Nothing turns you more than the beautiful and round belly or a pregnant lady. Those luscious boobs, filling themselves up with milk you're just craving right now.


Oh the agony of a slowly administered punishment by mistress who's caught you doing something you shouldn't have.


You've got this fantasy that you're offering your wife to friends, to do with her as they please. Not even friends even, just strangers you might pull next to with your car, passenger's window down so that your wife can reach out, pull that's strangers' dick out and play with it. But you know she won't let you. Well, we might!


Just saw this hot babe and your dick is craving for a quick release. Only have a few minutes before the missus comes back? A quickie is what you need!


A little as-splay just to get you in the mood? We have some suggestions that your dick might just love!


The reason why phone sex exist!


Cannot wait to talk to a woman as she takes a shit? The more innocent they are, the better you like it? The sounds, the smells, the thoughts of girls living on the wild side and not afraid of showing of!


Gentle submission. You want to be consumed by lust as this stunning woman seduces the heck out you. The control that you surrender and then the ultimate release... At her hands, mouth, pussy... Whatever she wants you to do, you'll gladly oblige!

Sex Toys:

Women have theirs, we all do. Now which one would you want me to use? You tell me.

Sexy Shemale:

The thought of a gorgeous and sexy woman with a big hard dick turns you on? You're not the only one.

Small Penis Humiliation:

Well, calling that thing of yours a penis is an insult to real cocks isn't it? And we love it... To make fun of it as we talk to each other about your pathetic little noodle.

Smoking fetish:

Get yourself all settled as my fingers reach for that cigarette I have been craving for. Enjoy the sound as I light it, the first drag as I inhale and then the ecstasy of the release as I exhale the smoke.

Get yourself all settled as my fingers reach for that cigarette I have been craving for. Enjoy the sound as I light it, the first drag as I inhale and then the extract of the release as I exhale the smoke.

Fetish and Fantasies!

Mother-in-law /


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