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As far as sexual activities are concerned, spanking is one of many fetish phone fantasies, deliciously charged with unbridled eroticism. Fetish spanking evokes fear, excitement and passion and when done properly can be one of the most erotically satisfying bedroom activities. I welcome you then to my fetish friendly phone sex site.

Fetish phone sex for the submissive male:

If you are the fetish type who likes a strong woman and who doesn't mind having his bare ass made available for some strict bare ass spanking, then you'll love our fetish friendly phone girls.

Pick up the phone and be ready to be spanked as you interact with fetish friendly women who love fetish spanking and have the stories and experience to prove it.

Get your ass ready for the hard attentions of a spanking paddle as we invite men just like you, with a hard cock in hand and a longing for a good old fashioned, over the knee bare bottom spanking.

This is a fetish phone sex fantasies hub ideally suited for those of you are submissive or just plain naughty boys looking for a firm hand to take them down the path of phone sex spanking.

And as we give your spanked ass the punishment it requires, bow down to your Fetish Mistress as she takes through your paces.

Fetish phone sex for the dominant male:

What if you were the kind of fetish man who likes to be in control? The man who commands through power and presence? Then let us squirm and beg for forgiveness in the knowledge that you can turn us over at any moment to give us a sound spanking, deservedly handed down with strict and un-bending discipline.

We love fetish phone sex and if you have a hard throbbing cock so much the better. If you love spankings, yours or ours, then this is union made in spanking heaven.

We have two fetish phone fantasies numbers to tickle your senses. Both equally satisfying. Both deliciously kinky and fetish friendly.

The full monte! THE kink friendly fetish phone sex number.

1-877-487-SLUT (7588)

This fetish phone fantasies number offers the option of a live, real time list of available women, shemales and men according to their availability. They specialize in fetish. AND SEX.

This is not cheap phone sex! The price is higher because as far as customer service and the overall excellence of performance is concerned, there is simply no other phone sex service around that even remotely compares. It's truly the best. It's fetish so good that your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money will be refunded.

It's all the whistles and bells type of fetish phone fantasies, specializing on fetish sex chat line, centered on customer satisfaction. (In business for over 15 years!)

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Introduced in 2010 and a real favorite amongst our callers: Fetish phone on a budget.

In addition to the above phone number, we are so happy to provide a brand new fetish phone sex telephone number to our customers.


If you are looking for a low cost alternative to the very best fetish phone chat, then this is the sex number for you. The fetish girls we feature are steaming hot and the guys aren't too shabby either. We even have some delectable shemales for those of you who little their lady with a little extra! Fetish phone at its very best and the price is right as well. You may be asking what's different about this particular fetish phone fantasies chat line and you can find out the answer to that question if you:


But if you are in a hurry for satisfying sex, suffice it to say that the rates we charge for phone sex fantasies are way cheaper than any offer we have come up with in a long, long time, and other than our own other websites, to our knowledge, this is the cheapest fetish phone sex offer (real fetish!) you are likely to find nowadays.

How cheap? $19.95 for 15 minutes "cheap" fetish phone sex
New callers can even take a $5 off on their first call!

By the way, we don't offer free phone sex? How could we? But if you want to know what the real deal is about those free offers, we invite to check the chicks with sass website.

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Remember there is nothing more exciting than to talk live, one on one with a sexy, fetish friendly woman who wants to masturbate AND come with you! We add women, men and shemales all the time!

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Telephone: 1-877-487-SLUT






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Fetish and Humiliation phone sex at http://www.punishment-spankings.com/

1-877-487-SLUT (7588)

(*) Fortunately, we are really good at what we do, particularly when fetish sex is concerned and we get very few phone calls from customers who are not completely satisfied with our service. We have been in the business of exploring fetish phone sex fantasies with countless callers for a long time and can distinguish between customers who have a genuine complain and those who think that they can have free sex with us.

This is a fetish friendly site.

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